At Mastercard, we understand that personal information is just that - personal. Individuals have the right to choose how, when and where their personal information is used and shared. Explore our Privacy Hub to learn about our policies and practices.

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Our promise

Mastercard was founded on the idea that payments should be safe, simple and smart – and that mission extends to how we handle the information of our customers, cardholders and users. We promise you that:

  • Your personal information belongs to you and you control how it is used.
  • We will use your personal information responsibly.
  • Your personal information will be kept secure.
  • We are constantly innovating in order to enhance your privacy and security.  

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Our privacy notice

You have a right to know how we handle your personal information. This is explained in our Global Privacy Notice.

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Your choices

You control how your personal information is used for marketing, web analytics, and data analytics at any time and at no cost, using our simple online forms.

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Your data

Use our simple portal to understand and manage your personal information that Mastercard holds.  

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Our recognitions

We comply with the strictest standards of global data protection laws and have earned certifications for our privacy practices.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What steps does Mastercard take to ensure privacy is protected?
A: We believe that personal information is just that – personal. And, we take great care to ensure it stays that way. We embed privacy safeguards into the design and creation of all our products and services. We do this by limiting data use to what’s needed to get the job done and looking for ways to encrypt or de-identify personal information while making sure each product is still convenient and easy to use. In addition, we employ rigorous standards to ensure the safety and security of data not only within Mastercard, but with all of our partners and vendors as well.

Q: Who owns personal information?
A: Your personal information belongs to you and you control how it is used.

Q: How can individuals control how their data is being used?
A: We provide individuals with privacy rights and choices. You can opt out of your personal information being used for marketing, data analytics and web analytics at any time and at no cost, using our online forms. Individuals also have the right to access, correct, modify or move their personal information via our online portal, which is currently available for all users located in the European Union and will shortly be accessible worldwide.

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