Enjoy a faster, easier way to pay taxes

Use your Mastercard® credit or debit card to pay federal and state* income taxes online or by phone

Please note that the information provided herein is not meant to constitute tax advice and should not be used without the advice and guidance of a professional tax adviser who is familiar with all the relevant facts.

Eligible IRS forms:

  • Form 1040 Series — Current Year Balance Due, Past Due and Installment Agreement
  • Form 1040ES — Estimated Tax 
  • Form 1040 — Advanced Payment of a Determined Deficiency
  • Form 1040 — Balance Due Return or Balance Due Notice
  • Form 1040X — Amended or Adjusted Return
  • Form 4868 — Automatic Extension 
  • Form 5329 — Current Tax Due
  • Trust Fund Recovery — Prior Year and Installment Recovery 

How to pay

Mastercard cardholders have the option to make tax payments with a credit or debit card by phone or online with participating service providers. There is a convenience fee charged by service providers. Fees are based on the type of card used and the amount of the payment. Fees vary by service provider and may be deductible in certain circumstances?. Taxpayers should contact the service provider to receive up-to-date information and convenience fees.

Payment Service Provider

Pay by Phone

Websites and Rates 

Value Payment Systems 888.972.9829 www.payUSAtax.com/mastercard
Official Payments Corporation 888.872.9829 www.choicepay.com/fed

For more information, you can contact the IRS at 1.800.829.1040 or visit the IRS at www.irs.gov.

*Not all states accept Mastercard for tax payment. Click here to see if your state currently accepts credit or debit cards for payment.

**Depending upon the Mastercard you elect to use, you may be able to earn rewards. Contact the financial institution that issued your Mastercard for specific terms and agreements.

?For individual taxpayers the credit or debit card convenience fee charged for paying federal individual income taxes electronically may be deductible in certain circumstances for some taxpayers who itemize. For more information, please click here.

Direct Express App

If you have a Direct Express? Debit Mastercard?, download this app for a convenient and safe way to access details on account activity, find ATM locations and get information about the many ways to use the card.