Financial inclusion 2.0

Despite advances in the last five years, two billion people still lack the financial services to guard against risk, invest in their future and build better lives.

Mastercard, in partnership with financial institutions, merchants, governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), has the technology, scale and capacity to help governments solve this issue. 

Livelihood and resilience

Connecting the digital economy to advance agriculture, education and health services

Digital identity

Enabling social, legal and economic inclusion for people around the world

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Greater possibilities with financial inclusion

On the road to financial security, financial inclusion is the first step

See how Mastercard technology solutions are helping some of the most vulnerable people thrive

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Mastercard is helping small businesses in Egypt make cash ancient history

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Mastercard and Western Union are exploring a digital model for refugee camps

This collaboration could help refugees more easily access basic human goods, services and finances within settlements to create more sustainable economies

Ecosystem Design & Development

Robust financial inclusion requires entire ecosystems and a deep understanding of the unbanked, financial providers and government objectives. Mastercard helps address the fundamental areas of building successful ecosystems.

Targeting for high impact

Financial inclusion programs start with identification and analysis of country-specific high-impact financial inclusion use cases

Designing the Ecosystem

A well-designed ecosystem takes into account the right participants, their interdependencies, and creates a commercially viable, interoperable payments system

Funding the Ecosystem

A comprehensive, multi-year business case highlights the funding required to best support ecosystem build amongst private and public sector stakeholders

Mastercard is a trusted partner of governments around the world

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