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Real-time payments for modern business needs

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Real-time payments dollars and information moving?in?sync

Real-time payments (RTP) are the smarter and faster alternative to cash, check and batch ACH thanks to processing done in seconds. While real-time payments suggest absolute immediacy, the ultimate advantage of real-time payments may lie in the powerful unlocking of shared transactional information. By coupling payment details with the transaction, real-time payments help improve efficiency, customer engagement, data transparency and accuracy. Real-time payments also help manage risks and streamline the reconciliation processes. So, while 24/7/365 instant accessibility is a key benefit, robust information can deliver a vital advantage.

How RTP + information work together

When real-time payments are made, there is so much more information that can be attached to the transactions. By coupling information with the transaction, there is an abundance of insight, which can help to improve business performance, enhance operational efficiencies, monitor fraud and manage risks.


Introducing the Mastercard Bill Pay Exchange 

Building from an industry-leading network with over 135,000 billers, the Bill Pay Exchange will help bring transparency, consistency and simplicity to consumer bill pay


Biller Setup

Will enable simplified biller setup for consumers, such as biller recommendations based on a consumer’s profile


Bill Presentment

Will enable consumers to use their mobile banking app to easily see full bill details and manage multiple bills in one place


Payment Choice

Will provide consumers choice of payments – bank account payments (ACH and real-time payments) and cards



Payment Transparency

Will enable real-time payment confirmation and automated reconciliation for the biller


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