Redrawing the lines of what’s possible in payments

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Real-time, bank-account-based payments are here, providing consumers, businesses, governments and financial institutions with more choice than ever before. A smart alternative to check and cash, they allow for less hassle and same-day processing.

Vocalink, a Mastercard? company, enables these payments to work across B2B, B2C and B2G—creating a more efficient and connected global network.


Real-Time Payments Infrastructure

Scalable and mobile-ready

Vocalink’s technology is the power behind the real-time payments systems in the U.S., UK, Singapore and Thailand. Our managed service provides domestic access to real-time payments quickly, easily and cost effectively.

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Pay who you want, when you want, wherever you are

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Immediate insurance pay-outs, short term loans or B2B trade payments

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Better management of risk and greater consumer engagement

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Increased liquidity and efficiency of the payment system

Vocalink Analytics

Cutting-edge data science solutions for payments data

Vocalink Analytics delivers timely, fact-based insights—enabling better-informed decision making and helping solve some of the biggest problems that our customers face.

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Financial Crime Solutions

Works to identify and prevent money laundering across entire networks, as well as specific types of payments fraud

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Assurance Solutions

Provides an entirely new source of information for financial institutions and their customers to help validate information that flows through our payment systems, providing confidence in every payment

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Decision Analytics

Helps financial institutions make sense of what’s happening around them—both at a business and an economic level—so that they can respond with confidence

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Consultancy Services

Supports businesses in making the most of real-time opportunities, helping ensure that technology is optimized to create value and that any risks are mitigated

Other Innovation

Mobile Payments

The biggest sea-change in payments since the introduction of cash

Vocalink's Multi Proxy Platform is the application behind both the UK and Thailand's mobile payments service. These platforms allow users to send and receive payments from their mobile phones using proxies such as a mobile phone number.

Managed Services for Schemes and Financial Institutions

The driving force in payment processing innovation

Vocalink operates the three principal UK transaction services.

Direct Credits and Debits
Payer-initiated and payee-authorized interbank transfers

ATM Switch
"Always on" transaction processing connecting financial institutions, mobile phone operators and independent ATM deployers.

Stand-in Processing and Dynamic Routing
Part of Vocalink's suite of Resilience Services

Connecting you to a world of choice—and changing the payments landscape