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Finally, a unified way to track B2B payments and bolster compliance

Mastercard Track?

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Introducing Mastercard Track

Created in collaboration with Microsoft, Mastercard Track integrates with a business’s existing procure-to-pay processes to bolster third-party risk management, improve cash flow visibility, and reduce the costs of manual Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable tasks.


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For buyers

Simplifies supplier compliance screening by sending risk management alerts from 4,500+ sanction, watch and law enforcement lists, as well as for 21,000+ adverse media sources. Mastercard Track also helps fight invoice fraud by centrally managing payment credentials and reduces payment status inquiries from suppliers by capturing payment timing and remittance details.

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For suppliers

Streamlines payment tracking and cash flow management by consolidating payment status and detailed remittance data into a centralized portal, reducing the need to access multiple systems across customers. It also bolsters your KYC compliance including customer credit risk management.

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Access consolidated KYC, business identity and credit reports for third parties in one place

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Mastercard Track is designed for partnership, offering value-added services that Procure-to-Pay Networks can add to their suite of solutions.

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