Mastercard Send?

Mastercard Send is designed to work with banks, businesses, digital players and more, helping them to modernize the way they send money, both domestically and cross-border*

Why Mastercard Send?

A variety of convenient and secure options to address multiple use cases

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Predictable & Fast Delivery

Facilitates the delivery of funds quickly and securely, domestically and cross-border.

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The only solution that can send funds to both card and non-card endpoints including bank accounts, mobile wallets and cash-out locations in nearly 100 countries and growing.

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Simple Integration

A single connection through an API for any channel. Mastercard Send APIs are designed to provide customers with flexibility and control whilst also ensuring speed to market.

We’re focused on optimizing payment flows, so you can provide payments to your customers with ease and convenience

Domestic Payments

Businesses, financial institutions and digital players can transfer funds in near real-time to virtually all debit cards, regardless of brand, while enabling new business streams

Cross-Border Payments

Helping banks modernize their cross-border payment services so they can deliver faster, cheaper and more transparent international wire services

Mastercard Send Guidelines

Learn about the role of Transaction Receivers in the Mastercard Send ecosystem

How Google uses Mastercard Send

Enables Google PayTM users to send money in real-time1 by enabling P2P transfers directly to bank accounts using a debit card

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Speeding up insurance claim payouts

Allstate uses Mastercard Send to facilitate the payment of claims, giving claimants access to their money when they need it most

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Learn more about how Mastercard Send can drive your business

*Mastercard Send provides a secure data transfer service that facilitates funds transfers by its partner banks. Mastercard Send does not receive funds for transmission or transmit funds.

1 Posting times depend on the receiving financial institution and routing network.

Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.